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Natalie Grant Lyrics

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From the Album Hurricane (2013)
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Closer To Your Heart Lyrics
Hurricane Lyrics
For All Of Us Lyrics
Whisper Lyrics
Burn Bright Lyrics
This Is Love Lyrics
Born To Be Lyrics
Dead Alive Lyrics
When I Leave The Room Lyrics
In The End Lyrics
I Love The Lord Lyrics (iTunes Bonus Track)

From the Album Love Revolution (2010)
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Daring To Be Lyrics
Love Revolution Lyrics
Greatness Of Our God Lyrics
Human Lyrics
Beauty Mark Lyrics
Power Of The Cross Lyrics
Desert Song Lyrics
Your Great Name Lyrics
You Deserve Lyrics
Someday Our King Will Come Lyrics
Song To The King Lyrics (Bonus Track)

From the Album Relentless (2008)
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Will Not Be Moved Lyrics
Make It Matter Lyrics
Back At My Heart Lyrics
Let Go Lyrics
In Better Hands Lyrics
Perfect People Lyrics
Our Hope Endures Lyrics
So Long Lyrics
Wonderful Life Lyrics
Safe Lyrics
Make A Way Lyrics
In Christ Alone Lyrics (Bonus Track)

From the Album Awaken (2005)
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The Awakening (Intro) Lyrics
Awaken Lyrics
Something Beautiful Lyrics
What Are You Waiting For Lyrics
The Real Me Lyrics
Another Day Lyrics
Home Lyrics
Captured Lyrics
Held Lyrics
You Move Me Lyrics
Make Me Over Lyrics
Live For Today Lyrics
Bring It All Together Lyrics

From the Album Deeper Life (2003)
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Deeper Life Lyrics
Days Like These Lyrics
Love Without Limits Lyrics
Within Me Lyrics
I Will Be Lyrics
Always Be Your Baby Lyrics
That's When I'll Give Up (On Loving You) Lyrics
Salvation Lyrics
I Desire Lyrics
Live For Today Lyrics
I Am Not Alone Lyrics
No Sign Of It Lyrics

From the Album Stronger (2001)
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What Other Man Lyrics
Keep On Shining Lyrics
Whenever You Need Somebody Lyrics
Anything Lyrics
If The World Lost All Its Love Lyrics
Such A Wonder Lyrics
I Love To Praise Lyrics
Only You Lyrics
Don't Wanna Make A Move Lyrics
To Find My Strength Lyrics
Finally Home Lyrics

From the Album Natalie Grant (1999)
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Heavenly Lyrics
We Are All The Same Lyrics
I Am Not Alone Lyrics
The Way It Is With Love Lyrics
When You Walked Into My Life Lyrics
There Is A God Lyrics
Waiting For A Prayer Lyrics
One Child Lyrics
Crosses And Crowns Lyrics
At Your Feet Lyrics

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Alive Lyrics

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