Newsboys Lyrics

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Newsboys Lyrics

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From the Album Restart (2013)
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That's How You Change The World Lyrics
Restart Lyrics
Love Like I Mean It Lyrics
Live With Abandon Lyrics
Go Glow Lyrics
That Home Lyrics
Disaster Lyrics
Fishers Of Men Lyrics
One Word Lyrics
Enemy Lyrics
We Believe Lyrics

From the Album God's Not Dead (2011)
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Mighty To Save Lyrics
The King Is Coming Lyrics
God's Not Dead (Like A Lion) Lyrics
Your Love Never Fails Lyrics
Here We Stand Lyrics
Saviour Of The World Lyrics
Forever Reign Lyrics
More Than Enough Lyrics
Revelation Song Lyrics
Pouring It Out Lyrics
Mighty To Save Lyrics
All The Way Lyrics
I Am Second Lyrics

From the Album Born Again (2010)
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Born Again Lyrics
One Shot Lyrics
Way Beyond Myself Lyrics
Impossible Lyrics
When The Boys Light Up Lyrics
Build Us Back Lyrics
Escape Lyrics
Miracles Lyrics
Running To You Lyrics
On Your Knees Lyrics
Mighty To Save Lyrics
Jesus Freak Lyrics
We Remember Lyrics (Napster Deluxe Edition Bonus Track)
Give Me To You Lyrics (Napster Deluxe Edition Bonus Track)
I'll Be Lyrics (Napster Deluxe Edition Bonus Track)
Save Your Life Lyrics (Miracles Edition Bonus Track)

From the Album In the Hands of God (2009)
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The Way We Roll Lyrics
No Grave Lyrics
This Is Your Life Lyrics
Glorious Lyrics
In The Hands Of God Lyrics
The Upside Lyrics
My Friend Jesus Lyrics
Lead Me To The Cross Lyrics
Dance Lyrics
RSL 1984 Lyrics

From the Album Go (2006)
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Wherever We Go Lyrics
Go (I Wanna Send You) Lyrics
Something Beautiful Lyrics
The Mission Lyrics
Let It All Come Out Lyrics
In Wonder Lyrics
Your Love Is Better Than Life Lyrics
I Am Free Lyrics
Secret Kingdom Lyrics
The Letter (One Of A Kind) Lyrics
Gonna Be Alright Lyrics

From the Album Devotion (2004)
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Devotion Lyrics
I Love Your Ways Lyrics
Presence (My Heart's Desire) Lyrics
Strong Tower Lyrics
God Of Nations Lyrics
Blessed Be Your Name Lyrics
The Orphan Lyrics
Landslide Of Love Lyrics
Name Above All Names Lyrics
When The Tears Fall Lyrics

From the Album Adoration: The Worship Album (2003)
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He Reigns Lyrics
You Are My King (Amazing Love) Lyrics
Great Is Your Faithfulness Lyrics
Take My Hands (Praises) Lyrics
Adoration Lyrics
In Christ Alone Lyrics
Lord (I Don't Know) (Live) Lyrics
It Is You (Live) Lyrics
Father, Blessed Father Lyrics
Hallelujah Lyrics

From the Album Thrive (2002)
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Giving It Over Lyrics
Live In Stereo Lyrics
Million Pieces (Kissin' Your Cares Goodbye) Lyrics
Thrive Lyrics
Rescue Lyrics
It Is You Lyrics
Cornelius Lyrics
The Fad Of The Land Lyrics
John Woo Lyrics
Lord (I Don't Know) Lyrics

From the Album Love Liberty Disco (1999)
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Beautiful Sound Lyrics
Love Liberty Disco Lyrics
Forever Man Lyrics
Good Stuff Lyrics
Everyone's Someone Lyrics
Say You Need Love Lyrics
I Would Give Everything Lyrics
Break Lyrics
I Surrender All Lyrics
Fall On You Lyrics

From the Album Step Up To The Microphone (1998)
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WooHoo Lyrics
Step Up To The Microphone Lyrics
Entertaining Angels Lyrics
Believe Lyrics
Tuning In Lyrics
Truth Be Known - Everybody Gets A Shot Lyrics
Deep End Lyrics
Hallelujah Lyrics
The Tide Lyrics
Always Lyrics

From the Album Take Me To Your Leader (1996)
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God Is Not A Secret Lyrics
Take Me To Your Leader Lyrics
Breathe Lyrics
Reality Lyrics
Breakfast Lyrics
Let It Go Lyrics
Cup O' Tea Lyrics
It's All Who You Know Lyrics
Miracle Child Lyrics
Lost The Plot Lyrics
Breathe (Benediction) Lyrics

From the Album Going Public (1994)
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Real Good Thing Lyrics
Shine Lyrics
Spirit Thing Lyrics
Let It Rain Lyrics
Going Public Lyrics
Truth And Consequences Lyrics
Lights Out Lyrics
Be Still Lyrics
When You Called My Name Lyrics
Elle G. Lyrics

From the Album Not Ashamed (1992)
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I Cannot Get You Out Of My System Lyrics
I'm Not Ashamed Lyrics
Where You Belong / Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus Lyrics
Upon This Rock Lyrics
Strong Love Lyrics
Dear Shame Lyrics
Boycott Hell Lyrics
We Come Together Lyrics
Love Comes True Lyrics
Lost The Sky Again Lyrics

From the Album Boys Will Be Boyz (1991)
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Kingdom Man Lyrics
You And Me Lyrics
One Heart Lyrics
Turn Lyrics
Precious Love Lyrics
Taste And See Lyrics
Not Stand Silent Lyrics
Sing Aloud Lyrics
Stay With Me Lyrics
Israel Lyrics
Taste And See (Remix) Lyrics

From the Album Hell Is For Wimps (1990)
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Stand Up For Jesus Lyrics
In The End Lyrics
Simple Man Lyrics
All I Can See Lyrics
Ten Thousand Miles Lyrics
Somethin's Missing Lyrics
Get Up For Love Lyrics
Sea Of Love Lyrics
Love You Tomorrow Lyrics
Victory Lyrics

From the Album Read All About It (1988)
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I Got Your Number Lyrics
Listen For The Shout Lyrics
Lighthouse Lyrics
It's Joy Lyrics
You're Still There Lyrics
Read All About It Lyrics
Hold On Tight Lyrics
Never Surrender Lyrics
The Big Time Lyrics
He's Coming Back Lyrics

Other Songs:
In The Belly Of A Whale Lyrics
Jingle Bell Rock Lyrics
Live With Abandon Lyrics
Yo Ho Hero Lyrics (from "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything: A VeggieTales Movie" soundtrack)

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