Nicole C. Mullen Lyrics

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Nicole C. Mullen Lyrics

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From the Album Captivated (2011)
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I Need You (As The Deer) Lyrics
Kingdom Come Lyrics
My Shepherd Lyrics
Forgive Me Lyrics

From the Album A Dream To Believe In: Volume 2 (2008)
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Yo Mama Lyrics
Feel Like I'm In Love Lyrics
Still A Dream Lyrics
Forever You Reign Lyrics
Brainwash Lyrics
Blessed And Broken Lyrics

From the Album Sharecropper's Seed: Volume 1 (2007)
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Sharecropper's Seed Lyrics
So In Love Lyrics
One Touch (Press) Lyrics
Convinced Lyrics
When I Grow Up Lyrics
Under The Shadow Lyrics
Elohim Lyrics
I Wish Lyrics
Fall Lyrics
Baby Love Lyrics

From the Album Everyday People (2004)
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Everyday People Lyrics
I Am Lyrics
Message For Ya Lyrics
This This Lyrics
Music Of My Heart Lyrics
Bye Bye Brianna Lyrics
Dancin' In The Rain Lyrics
The One Lyrics
Gon' Be Free Lyrics
Without You Lyrics
Deity Lyrics
Every Nation Lyrics

From the Album Christmas In Black And White (2002)
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Christmas In Black And White Lyrics
Lamb Of God Lyrics
365 Lyrics
The Christmas Song Lyrics
Sacred Night (Away In A Manger) Lyrics
God's Own Son Lyrics
Merry Christmas, Baby Lyrics
Gifts From You Lyrics
St. Nick's Groove Lyrics
Sing, Angels, Sing (Hark The Herald Angels Sing) Lyrics
Angels, We Have Heard On High Lyrics
O Come, O Come, Emmanuel Lyrics

From the Album Talk About It (2001)
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All Aboard Lyrics
Talk About It (Say So) Lyrics
Baby Girl Lyrics
Call On Jesus Lyrics
#27 Lyrics
Let Me Go Lyrics
Witness Lyrics
Come Onto Me Lyrics
I Can't Believe Lyrics
The Ring Lyrics
Sometimes Lyrics
Jas Class Lyrics
Black Light Lyrics
When Heaven Calls Lyrics

From the Album Nicole C. Mullen (2000)
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Shooby Lyrics
Butterfly Lyrics
Farewell Lyrics
Granny's Angel Lyrics
Family Tree Lyrics
Blowin' Kisses Lyrics
Redeemer Lyrics
Black, White, Tan Lyrics
Freedom Lyrics
Homemade Lyrics
Color Lyrics
On My Knees Lyrics

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Always Love You Lyrics
My Redeemer Lives Lyrics
Only Time Lyrics

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