Og Maco - F*ckEmx3 Lyrics

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Og Maco Lyrics

F*ckEmx3 Lyrics

[Hook - OG Maco x2:]
F*ck em, f*ck em, f*ck em
F*ck em, f*ck em, f*ck em
F*ck em, f*ck em, f*ck em
Yeah yeah, woohoo, yeah yeah
F*ck em, f*ck em, f*ck em

[Verse 1 - OG Maco:]
Musty pussy maggot bitches tryna lick my sack for riches
Mhm, yeah yeah, bet I seen your plan, uh huh
Bet I smelled it out, uh huh
Now we met their daughter's cross the map
East cost to the west coast, OG Mac doin the f*cking most
Yeah yeah, told em bitch you guessing, now I'm living
Drinking, popping the seal, got no prescription
You can read it, you can see it, you can want it but you won't achieve it
You can see me but nigga, can you be me?
No no, no no, yeah yeah, f*ck em f*ck em f*ck em
I ain't do it by myself

[Bridge - OG Maco:]
Alotta niggas want to hate on me
What's the reason, nigga who knows
Say I'm focused on the wrong shit
We just putting up the new door


[Verse 2 - Offset:]
F*ck em, f*ck em, f*ck em
We don't love em, love em, love em
I'm a hustler, hustler, hustler
Rolex diamond flooded, flooded
Police they watching, investigation undercover
I would never tell on my brother, I put it on my mother
Pull out the chopper, the chopper eat him like he mustard
Look at me now nigga, money grew up, Rudy Huxtable
Mason Margiella, we mafia like Goodfellas
I got 20 bitches on my schedule, I'm living better
When you go to a Migos show it's looking like Coachella
When the police ask me questions, acting like I don't know better
F*ck a nigga, we don't give a f*ck about a sucker nigga
I got a milly, bought a billy, hundred rounds up in my semi
Hit the f*ck nigga with a chopper, do you feel me now?
You a bitch nigga, pussy nigga, you need a f*cking blouse
Fake goon, cartoon, you a mickey mouse
I got your bitch in my condo, I'm bout to f*ck her now
Take a ride with a G, nigga buckle down
QC f*ck nigga, catch 100 rounds


[Verse 3 - Quavo:]
F*ck em, f*ck em, nigga get out my section
Don't want to see him, I don't want to touch him
Look at my diamonds, my jeweler from Russia
Walk in the club with 50 chains like I'm Buster
When I say f*ck em, migos come and get em
OG Maco and Migos some real niggas
Got 50 pigeons in the charger
Pull up on the plug make that steal nigga
I'm pitchin' hardball like the Dodgers
I got the Green Bay pack, Aaron Rodgers
Chopper bullet coming, better dodge em
In the kitchen, cooking pot like a cobbler
I pull out the pistol like Mad Max off Shottas

[Verse 4 - Takeoff:]
Yeah yeah yeah, like OG Maco said, f*ck em, f*ck em, f*ck em
You ran off with the work but flexing in the city
Stupid motherf*cker, my mama told me I can f*ck em
But you better not never ever trust em
They say Actavis discontinued, check my cup
I'm sipping muddy trouble, pull up on a nigga at the red light
Hit em with the chopper he a dead motherf*cker
You f*ck with my money, it's repercussions
Niggas start running when they see the chopper, a nigga gunning
Killing and itching and I got the bodies
Don't know where to dump em
Wrapping the work like a mummy, finessing the plug for dummies
100K when I be kicking, pimping, dripping in London
When I open up the OG, smell like a bag of the Funyons


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