Olivia - Private Party Lyrics

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Olivia Lyrics

Private Party Lyrics

Tonight im feelin freaky
I want-cha near me
Inambition in the wind
Erotic thoughts arrouse me
Its so intysing
I cant wait for us to begin

Wear something
Sexy for you
Im feeling hot and tempting for you to see me
Wrap your hands up round' my body
Welcome to my private party
Home before you
This evening this is speacial
Belive me
Belly dancing
So watch me
So welcome to my private party

I know just how you like
I will provide it
At this party anything goes
Let your thoughts explore the dippish
Fantasies your feelin
I got alot of things to show


[she speaks in spanish]

Its exclusive
Just me and my baby
Its getting so crazy
My private party

[CHORUS: repeated]

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