On Broken Wings - Ashes And Snow Lyrics

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On Broken Wings Lyrics

Ashes And Snow Lyrics

Very few things hold a place
I'll tear through everything and anyone who stands in my way
I'm not staying anywhere that hates everything that I love
I now know but still I can't believe we're dead.
I worked so hard for everything I have and I won't let it go
I've lost enough to know what matters
And any regret I feel could never outweigh any pain I would have felt
Had I not done the things I did to get here?
If I leave today I'll leave today behind me
If I can get out the door and just fucking go I'll leave it behind
'cause all of it reminds me some of these ashes used to be my home
You've threatened something that I love
And I can't feel your pain, there is no empathy
Are my hands numb?
Or just so calloused that they feel like they are?
The stars were shining so bright, but the light's dimming as I sink out of twilight
The snow's falling was so white, that I'm blinded out of cover of the night
Life's flashing before my eyes
And the bones that make up smiles are my greetings from the sky

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