On Broken Wings - Lovesick Lyrics

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On Broken Wings Lyrics

Lovesick Lyrics

Something different
Something new
When all I do is think of you.
Starring at an empty wall
Cluttered with pictures of you so beautiful.
I'll swallow one last eyeful
only to turn and fall (to my knees).
Something different
something new
when all I do is think of you.
A subsidiary lookout point
Before I'm fining out on my own.
Begging to fall asleep
It's innocent, I need you.
Begging to fall asleep, lying here wasting winks.
Wait on promises of better things.
You left so much space
But I can't make a move since you said
”Why are you breaking down?
We're only breaking up.
After all it's not like you loved me anyways”
But if I did, would I even stand a chance?
I don't know what love is
Or maybe this is love.

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