One Without - Withered Serenade Lyrics

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One Without Lyrics

Withered Serenade Lyrics

Hiding from the city-lights
Memories cast a shield
Brightness shows what's underneath
Piercing through my soul
Raindrops flowing merciless
Dancing on my skin
To the withered serenade
Sing it once again for me

The dusty air you breathe is making you
Look so much younger
It's like a scene
From a night in the past
Words you said to me still lingers like
Whispers in the shadows
With reflections of my tear-filled eyes
Soaked in grey

All the laughs are fading now
My ghost is still awake
Every tune from yesterday
Is playing in the cold surroundings

My dear can you hear me
When I say you're still the one
You used to be
Do you see me
When I reach out for your hand
Do you feel me
The shivers down my spine
Memories are alive

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