Otenki - Friends Come First Lyrics

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Otenki Lyrics

Friends Come First Lyrics

Communications breaking down between us
I severed ties with self control
The other line is placed on hold
And I'm left hanging on
To distorted thoughts
That weigh heavy on my mind
They break me down
It brings me down

Confessions of a social parasite
Looking for a host on which to climb
I got too high, my nose began to bleed
Searching for some honesty
On a channel that Ican't rely

So send the message to the operator
Tell them that he's dead
Because everything they said was a lie

Late night calls
That keep me up
Doused in cheap perfume and constant wine
All I need is some honesty
It's a habit that I can't deny

You know the truth is friends come first
And mistakes like you are such a curse
The truth is friends come first

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