Porter Wagoner And Dolly Parton Lyrics

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Porter Wagoner And Dolly Parton Lyrics

From the Album Porter & Dolly (1980)
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Making Plans Lyrics
If You Go, I'll Follow You Lyrics
If You Say I Can Lyrics

From the Album Say Forever You'll Be Mine (1975)
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Say Forever You'll Be Mine Lyrics
Beginning Lyrics

From the Album Porter 'N' Dolly (1974)
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Please Don't Stop Loving Me Lyrics
The Fire That Keeps You Warm Lyrics
Too Far Gone Lyrics
We'd Have To Be Crazy Lyrics
The Power Of Love Lyrics
Sixteen Years Lyrics
Together You And I Lyrics
Without You Lyrics
Sounds Of Nature Lyrics

From the Album Love And Music (1973)
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If Teardrops Were Pennies Lyrics
Sounds Of Night Lyrics
Laugh The Years Away Lyrics
You Lyrics
Wasting Love Lyrics
Come To Me Lyrics
Love Is Out Tonight Lyrics
In The Presence Of You Lyrics
There'll Always Be Music Lyrics

From the Album We Found It (1973)
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Love City Lyrics
Between Us Lyrics
We Found It Lyrics
Satan's River Lyrics
I've Been Married Just As Long As You Have Lyrics
I Am Always Waiting Lyrics
Sweet Rachel Ann Lyrics
That's When Love Will Mean The Most Lyrics
Love Have Mercy On Us Lyrics
How Close They Must Be Lyrics

From the Album Together Always (1972)
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Together Always Lyrics
Love's All Over Lyrics
Christina Lyrics
Poor Folks Town Lyrics
Take Away Lyrics
10-4 Over And Out Lyrics
Lost Forever In Your Kiss Lyrics
Anyplace You Want To Go Lyrics
Looking Down Lyrics
You And Me, Her And Him Lyrics

From the Album The Right Combination: Burning The Midnight Oil (1972)
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More Than Words Can Tell Lyrics
The Right Combination Lyrics
I've Been This Way Too Long Lyrics
In Each Love Some Pain Must Fall Lyrics
Her And The Car And The Mobile Home Lyrics
Burning The Midnight Oil Lyrics
Somewhere Along The Way Lyrics
On And On Lyrics
Through Thick And Thin Lyrics
Fog Has Lifted Lyrics

From the Album Two Of A Kind (1971)
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The Pain Of Loving You Lyrics
Possum Holler Lyrics
Is It Real Lyrics
Flame Lyrics
Fighting Kind Lyrics
Two Of A Kind Lyrics
All I Need Is You Lyrics
Curse Of The Wild Weed Flower Lyrics
Today, Tomorrow And Forever Lyrics
There'll Be Love Lyrics

From the Album Once More (1970)
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Daddy Was An Old Time Preacher Man Lyrics
I Know You're Married But I Love You Still Lyrics
Thoughtfulness Lyrics
Fight And Scratch Lyrics
Before Our Weakness Gets Too Strong Lyrics
Once More Lyrics
One Day At A Time Lyrics
Ragged Angel Lyrics
A Good Understanding Lyrics
Let's Live For Tonight Lyrics

From the Album Porter Wayne And Dolly Rebecca (1970)
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Forty Miles From Poplar Bluff Lyrics
Tomorrow Is Forever Lyrics
Just Someone I Used To Know Lyrics
Each Season Changes You Lyrics
We Can't Let This Happen To Us Lyrics
Mendy Never Sleeps Lyrics
Silver Sandals Lyrics
No Love Left Lyrics
It Might As Well Be Me Lyrics
Run That By Me One More Time Lyrics
I'm Wasting Your Time (And You're Wasting Mine) Lyrics

From the Album Always, Always (1969)
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Milwaukee Here I Come Lyrics
Yours Love Lyrics
I Don't Believe You've Met My Baby Lyrics
Malena Lyrics
The House Where Love Lives Lyrics
Why Don't You Haul Off And Love Me Lyrics
Always, Always Lyrics
There Never Was A Time Lyrics
Good As Gold Lyrics
My Hands Are Tied Lyrics
No Reason To Hurry Home Lyrics
Anything's Better Than Nothing Lyrics

From the Album Just The Two Of Us (1968)
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Closer By The Hour Lyrics
I Washed My Face In The Morning Lyrics
Jeannie's Afraid Of The Dark Lyrics
Holding On To Nothin' Lyrics
Slip Away Today Lyrics
Dark End Of The Street Lyrics
Just The Two Of Us Lyrics
Afraid To Love Again Lyrics
We'll Get Ahead Someday Lyrics
Somewhere Between Lyrics
Party Lyrics
I Can Lyrics

From the Album Just Between You And Me (1968)
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Because One Of Us Was Wrong Lyrics
The Last Thing On My Mind Lyrics
Love Is Worth Living Lyrics
Just Between You And Me Lyrics
Mommie, Ain't That Daddy Lyrics
4-0-33 Lyrics
Sorrow's Tearing Down The House (That Happiness Once Built) Lyrics
This Time Has Gotta Be Our Last Time Lyrics
Before I Met You Lyrics
Home Is Where The Hurt Is Lyrics
Two Sides To Every Story Lyrics
Put It Off Until Tomorrow Lyrics

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