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Propaganda Lyrics

Conquer Lyrics

Art for your heart ache
Art for art's sake
Next thing on the cop out
General market drop outs
Admit it we participants and citizens
Of Babylon your innocence is long gone
Humility and confidence ain't opposites
So stand with wing span of a vulture
Who ain't afraid of the culture
God nominates a team to dominate the arena
Like home court advantage don't even matter
Leavin heaven breathin heavy
Like the altitude you can't stand it
How do these fools movin planets [2]...
To do for granted Daniel style take my chances
Sleep overs with lions
None of us is compromising
Flyin higher than the competition
Listen the plan I ain't chasen
Inifinite fans just to fan it chase infinite and
Me glad who so ever chased up [6]...
Reach Records and a [7]...
All my people conquer


Faith come by hearing to many deaf though
Cleaning all the static let God and let go
On your mark let go [8]...
I'm sixteen turned around and spit eight ball
Fontline soldier in attack mode
Slayin every lusty impulse grabing at my soul
Alot of folks want to make peace within
But it makes no sense
They make peace with sin
And when I talk war I don't mean to [9]... arguments step in to the arena
And see Christ conquer
[10]... monsters [11]... of our lives [12]... contact
The warrior in combat
Gave it all he got gave his life
Recued us from a place so hot
Battle my flesh when it get's in the way
Die daily I commit suicide every day killa
That mean he lives in me
I live in him he's the conquering king
War wounds [13]... when you thought we lost him
He's the very reason that we can conquer
I'm sick and tired of people blaming the devil
When we need accountability,
Growth, and never settle
For maturity levels like filthy rags
And when he conquer everybody wave a white flag


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