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Sam Smith Lyrics

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From the Album In The Lonely Hour (2014)
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Money On My Mind
Good Thing
Stay With Me
Leave Your Lover
I'm Not The Only One
I've Told You Now
Like I Can
Life Support
Not In That Way
Lay Me Down
Restart (Deluxe Edition Bonus Track)
Latch (Acoustic) (Deluxe Edition Bonus Track)
La La La (Deluxe Edition Bonus Track)
Make It To Me (Deluxe Edition Bonus Track)
Reminds Me Of You (Deluxe Edition Bonus Track)
In The Lonely Hour (Google Play Bonus Track)

From the Album Nirvana (2013)
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Safe With Me
I've Told You Now
Latch (Acoustic)

Other Songs:
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
I'm Not The Only One (Remix)
When It's Alright (Tomcraft Edit)

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