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Seal Lyrics

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From the Album Soul 2 (2012)
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Wishing On A Star Lyrics
Love T.K.O. Lyrics
Ooh Baby Baby Lyrics
Let's Stay Together Lyrics
What's Goin' On Lyrics
Love Don't Live Here Anymore Lyrics
Backstabbers Lyrics
I'll Be Around Lyrics
Love Won't Let Me Wait Lyrics
Lean On Me Lyrics
Oh Girl Lyrics
For The Love Of You Lyrics
Ain't Nothing But A House Party Lyrics

From the Album Commitment (2010)
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If I'm Any Closer Lyrics
Weight Of My Mistakes Lyrics
Silence Lyrics
Best Of Me Lyrics
All For Love Lyrics
I Know What You Did Lyrics
The Way I Lie Lyrics
Secret Lyrics
You Get Me Lyrics
Letting Go Lyrics
Big Time Lyrics

From the Album Soul (2008)
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A Change Is Gonna Come Lyrics
I Can't Stand The Rain Lyrics
It's A Man's, Man's, Man's World Lyrics
Knock On Wood Lyrics
I've Been Loving You Too Long Lyrics
Here I Am (Come And Take Me) Lyrics
If You Don't Know Me By Now Lyrics
It's Alright Lyrics
I'm Still In Love With You Lyrics
Free Lyrics
Stand By Me Lyrics
People Get Ready Lyrics

From the Album System (2007)
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If It's In My Mind, It's On My Face Lyrics
Amazing (Thin White Duke Edit) Lyrics
Just Like Before Lyrics
Loaded Lyrics
Wedding Day Lyrics
System Lyrics
Dumb Lyrics
The Right Life Lyrics
Rolling Lyrics
Immaculate Lyrics
Amazing Lyrics

From the Album Seal IV (2003)
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Get It Together Lyrics
Love's Divine Lyrics
Waiting For You Lyrics
My Vision Lyrics
Don't Make Me Wait Lyrics
Let Me Roll Lyrics
Touch Lyrics
Where There's Gold Lyrics
Loneliest Star Lyrics
Heavenly ... (Good Feeling) Lyrics
Tinsel Town Lyrics
Get It Together (Reprise) Lyrics

From the Album Human Being (1998)
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Human Beings Lyrics
State Of Grace Lyrics
Latest Craze Lyrics
Just Like You Said Lyrics
Princess Lyrics
Lost My Faith Lyrics
Excerpt From (Let's Fall In Love) Lyrics
When A Man Is Wrong Lyrics
Colour Lyrics
Still Love Remains Lyrics
No Easy Way Lyrics
Human Beings Reprise Lyrics

From the Album Seal (1994)
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Bring It On Lyrics
Prayer for the Dying Lyrics
Dreaming in Metaphors Lyrics
Don't Cry Lyrics
Fast Changes Lyrics
Kiss from a Rose Lyrics
People Asking Why Lyrics
Newborn Friend Lyrics
If I Could Lyrics (duet with Joni Mitchell)
I'm Alive Lyrics
Bring It On Reprise Lyrics

From the Album Debut (1991)
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The Beginning Lyrics
Deep Water Lyrics
Crazy Lyrics
Killer Lyrics
Whirlpool Lyrics
Future Love Paradise Lyrics
Wild Lyrics
Show Me Lyrics
Violet Lyrics

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Hide Lyrics
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Manic Depression Lyrics (A Tribute To Jimi Hendrix)
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Puff (The Magic Dragon) Lyrics
Quicksand Lyrics
Sparkle Lyrics
Stone Free Lyrics
Thank You Lyrics
The Wind Cries Mary Lyrics
This Could Be Heaven Lyrics
Walk On By Lyrics
Who Wants To Live Forever Lyrics (A Tribute to Freddie Mercury )

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