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Sean Paul Lyrics

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From the Album Full Frequency (2014)
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Full Frequency
Entertainment 2.0
Want Dem All
Hey Baby
Wickedest Style
Dangerous Ground
It's Your Life
Take It Low
Lights On
Other Side Of Love

From the Album Tomahawk Technique (2012)
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Got 2 Luv U
She Doesn't Mind
What I Want
Won't Stop (Turn Me Out)
Dream Girl
Hold On
Put It On You
Roll Wid Di Don
Touch The Sky
Wedding Crashers

From the Album Imperial Blaze (2009)
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Lace It
So Fine
Now That I've Got Your Love
Birthday Sui
Press It Up
Evening Ride
Hold My Hand
She Want Me
Daddy's Home
Bruk Out
Wine Baby Wine
Running Out Of Time
Don't Tease Me
She Wanna Be Down
Straight From My Heart
Private Party
I Know U Like It
Agarra Mi Mano (Hold My Hand Spanish Version, Deluxe Version iTunes Bonus Track)

From the Album The Trinity (2005)
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Fire Links Intro
Head In The Zone
We Be Burnin'
Send It On
Ever Blazing
Eye Deh A Mi Knee
(When You Gonna) Give It Up To Me (From "Step Up" Soundtrack)
Yardie Bone
Never Gonna Be The Same
I'll Take You There
Head To Toe
Straight Up
All On Me
Change The Game
The Trinity
Oh Man
Cry Baby Cry (From Bonus CD)
Break It Off (From Bonus CD)
As Time Goes On (From Bonus CD)

From the Album Dutty Rock (2003)
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2004 Grammy Award for Best Reggae Album
2003 Source Hip Hop Award for Dancehall/Reggae Album of the Year
Shout (Street Respect)
Gimme The Light
Like Glue
Get Busy
Top Of The Game
I'm Still In Love With You
International Affair
Can You Do The Work
My Name
Gimmie The Light (Pass The Dro-Voisier Remix)
Shake That Thing
Esa Loca
Punkie (Espanol)

From the Album Stage One (2000)
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Mental Prelude
She Want It
Nicky (Skit)
Hot Gyal Today
Real Man
Duty Techniques (Skit)
Check It Deeply
Mek It Go So Den
Examples of Things Not to Do in Bed (Skit)
Deport Them
Tiger Bone
Shineface (Skit)
Sound the Alarm
Uptowners (Skit)
No Bligh
Slap Trap
Word from the Hon. Minister (Skit)
Next Generation
You Must Lose

Other Songs:
(When You Gonna) Give It Up To Me
Back It Up
Baby Boy
Beat Like Drum
Breathe (Remix)
Cry Baby Cry
Ever Blazing
Everywhere We Go
Fit & Legit
Give It Up To Me (Remix) (From "Step Up" Soundtrack)
Got 2 Luv U
Got To Love You
Highest Great Story
Hold My Hand
It's All Right
Keep It Poppin
Legalize It
Mama I Love You
One Life
Pick It Up And Drop It
Running Out Of Time
Safe Sex
Shake It
She Doesn't Mind
So Appealing
Three Little Birds (From "Shark Tale" Soundtrack)
Turn Me On
U Ain't Know
Watch Dem Roll
We Party
Weak Inna Knees
Work Wid It

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