Self Torture - Blind Man's Eyes Lyrics

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Self Torture Lyrics

Blind Man's Eyes Lyrics

The human race
Develops with mutation
With bare eyes
Even the blind
Foresee what’s coming

If it's your wish to be a brick
In that wall which blocks progress
Then here's a simple recipe

I'm still crawling
Come and feed me
Secure me
And make me grow

I'm still standing
Hit me once again
Wreck me
And kick me

Do you really want
To waste this space
Are you pleased to pace
Up and down and up
In the same place

Still on my knees
Invite me to your heaven
Please me
And amuse me

I'm still down
Come and clean me
Disinfect me
And bury me

Blind man's eyes

Haven't we made you think
Haven't we pushed enough

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