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Shaggy Lyrics

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From the Album Out Of Many One Music (2013)
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Out Of Many One Music
Like Never Before
Fight This Feeling
All We Need Is Love
You Girl
Trouble Under Your Roof

From the Album Summer In Kingston (2011)
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Just Another Girl
Feeling Alive
End Of The World (Drink Up)
Soldiers Story
Fired Up (F*ck The Rece$$ion)

From the Album Intoxication (2007)
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Can't Hold Me
Bonafide Girl
Those Days
More Woman
Woman Scorn
Mad Mad World
Out Of Control
Church Heathen
Wear Di Crown
Body A Shake
What's Love
Holla At You
All About Love
Reggae Vibes (Japan Bonus Track)

From the Album Clothesdrop (2005)
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Clothes Drop
Ready Fi Di Ride
Wild 2Nite
Back In The Days
Supa Hypnotic
Would You Be
Stand Up
Luv Me Up
Ahead In Life
Shut Up And Dance
Don't Ask Her That
Road Block
Gone With Angels
Letter To My Kids

From the Album The Best Of Shaggy part 1 (2002)
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Big Up
In the Summertime
Nice And Lovely
Oh Carolina
Piece Of My Heart
Sexy Body Girls
Something Different
That Girl
The Train Is Coming
Why You Treat Me So Bad

From the Album Lucky Day (2002)
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Shake Shake Shake
Full Control
Hookie Jookie
Hey Sexy Lady
Get My Party On
Lucky Day
Strength Of A Woman
Strange Love
Leave Me Alone
These Are The Lips
Give Thanks
Walking In My Shoes
We Are The Ones

From the Album Hotshot (2000)
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2002 Juno Award for Best Selling Album
Chica Bonita
Dance & Shout
Freaky Girl
Hey Love
Hot Shot
It Wasn't Me
Joy You Bring
Keep'n It Real
Leave It To Me
Lonely Lover
Luv Me, Luv Me
Not Fair
Wasn't Me
Why Me Lord?
Why You Mad At Me

From the Album Midnite Lover (1997)
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My Dream
Perfect Song
Tender Love
Sexy Body Girls
Piece Of My Heart
Think Ah So It Go
Midnite Lover
Way Back Home
John Doe
Thank You Lord

From the Album Boombastic (1995)
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1996 Grammy Award for Best Reggae Album
In The Summertime
Something Different
Forgive Them Father
Heartbreak Suzie
Finger Smith
Why You Treat Me So Bad
Woman A Pressure Me
The Train Is Coming
Island Lover
Day Oh
How Much More
Gal Yu A Pepper
In The Summertime (Rmx)
Boombastic (Sting Remix)

From the Album Original Doberman (1994)
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Kibbles And Bits
Bullet-Proof Buddy
We Never Danced To The Rub-A-Dub Sound
Jump And Rock
Glamity Power
Man A Yard
Get Down To It

From the Album Pure Pleasure (1993)
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Soon Be Done
Give Thanks And Praise
Oh Carolina (Radio Edit)
Tek Set
Bedroom Bounty Hunter
Nice And Lovely
Love How Them Flex
All Virgins
It Bun Me
Big Up
Bow Wow Wow
Follow Me
Oh Carolina (Raas Bumba Claat Version)

Other Songs:
50 Ways
Bad Man Don't Cry
Feel The Rush (Official Song UEFA Euro 2008)
Fly High
For Your Eyes Only
Get Up Stand Up
Girl I Adore
Habbi Love (I Need Your Love)
Hey Sexy Lady (Dancehall Refix)
Hey Sexy Lady (Dancehall Remix)
Hot Gal
I Need Your Love
I'll Be There
It Wasn't Me (Remix)
Jamaican Drummer Boy
Like A Superstar (Official Song UEFA Euro 2008)
Oh Carolina (Radio Edit)
Party Every Night
Save A Life
That Girl
The Game Of Love And Unity (The official song of the 2007 Cricket World Cup)

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