Silence Of A Silhouette - Goodbye Sunshine Lyrics

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Silence Of A Silhouette Lyrics

Goodbye Sunshine Lyrics

Itís too late for me,
Iíve been gone for so long
I canít remember who I am
Just forget Iím here
Youíll be better off without knowing the things
I could have done Ė I would have done to you

I wish I never left the womb
So just lock me in my tomb
And forget that I was here (forget that I was here)
It looks fine from where I lay
As Iím stuck here in my grave
So Iíll just disappear (Iíll just disappear)

Goodbye Sunshine, I donít need you anymore
Goodnight Sunlight, Iím better off alone
Rip, my, spine, right out of my back
Goodbye Sunshine, Goodbye Sunshine

On the verge of being ruined
My lifeís better left untuned
I never knew that right was wrong
Put me out of your mind
And fail to remember all the things I said
The things I said that meant nothing to you

I had, to push you out, to push you out this time
Like every time before
I have, nothing left, thereís nothing left for me
Thereís only misery, only misery

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