Silence Of A Silhouette - The Flavor Lyrics

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Silence Of A Silhouette Lyrics

The Flavor Lyrics

All I need is a sign
Iím waiting for one indication
Iím waiting for your invitation
Iím infected with your bad habit
Youíre injected like a drug addict, I know
But once inside then I am fine,
Yes everything will be just fine

Choking on the bitter taste of irony
(The taste of irony)
Iíd rather give in than to face my enemy

Youíre making this too hard for me to resist
How can I say no if you beg and insist?
Youíre such a contagious disaster
And Iím just addicted to the flavor of your kiss

When others glow, you shine
Though it may sound surprising
You have this look thatís mesmerizing
But temptation has me by the throat
My fixation needs an antidote, tonight
And once again I will be fine,
Yes everything will be just fine

[Bridge 1:]
I can tell whatís on your mind
I know Ė I know all about you
Youíve got that look inside your eye
The one I canít deny

[Bridge 2:]
Hypnotize me while we spin
Paralyze me with your skin
Iím holding on, Iím holding on

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