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Snap Lyrics

Caboose Lyrics

do you know yourself? do you know the others?
can you pull the weight that rides on another's shoulders?
once you've lost yourself to the acceptance mask,
well could you find yourself? it's not a simple task.
self-inherence...freedom...comes from within.
take a different track, it's time to see what your are made of.
can you expose yourself? can you peel off another layer?
will you make the time? the time to take control.
because only you can save yourself, only you can save your soul.
and once you save yourself, insecurities will die.
genuine qualities and true character will shine.
now that you belong to you what will the others think?
soon they'll follow you, you'll see they're all so weak.
come on...can you let go? can you be you?

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