Squealer Lyrics

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Squealer Lyrics

From the Album In Zaire (2002)
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In Zaire Lyrics
Painful Lust Lyrics
Fade Away Lyrics

From the Album Under The Cross (2002)
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Painful Lust Lyrics
Facing The Death Lyrics
My Last Goodbye Lyrics
Thinking Allowed! Lyrics
Under The Cross Lyrics
Rules Of Life Lyrics
Down And Out Lyrics
Fade Away Lyrics
Out Of The Dark Lyrics
In Zaire Lyrics
Low Budget Heroes Lyrics

From the Album Made For Eternity (2000)
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End Of The World Lyrics
The Final Daylight Lyrics
Nothing To Believe Lyrics
Don't Fear Your Life Lyrics
Eternity Of A Day Lyrics
Show Me The Way Lyrics
Noone To Blame Lyrics
People Are People Lyrics
Free Your Mind Lyrics
Hellcome In Heaven Lyrics

From the Album The Prophecy (1999)
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The Prophecy (The Final Sign) Lyrics
Friends For Life Lyrics
...But No One Cares Lyrics
Live Everyday Lyrics
Hold On Tight Lyrics
To Die For (...Your Sins) Lyrics
Nowhere To Hide Lyrics
I See The World Lyrics
The Meaning Of Life Lyrics
Enjoy The Silence Lyrics
The Prophecy (Follow Me) Lyrics

From the Album Wrong Time, Wrong Place? (1995)
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Intro Lyrics
Liar Lyrics
Wrong Time Wrong Place Lyrics
Time Doesn't Wait Lyrics
Hellcome In Heaven Lyrics
Love To Hate You Lyrics
Dying Forbidden ! Lyrics
Don't Wanna Be Like You Lyrics
Whose Afraid Of Yellow Snow? Lyrics
... Lyrics

From the Album Make Your Day (1992)
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A Little Piece Of Death Lyrics
Behold The Lion Lyrics
Make Your Day Lyrics
Thoughts Lyrics
The Wanderer Lyrics
Tears Of Hate Lyrics
R.A.P. Lyrics
Scaring The Winds Lyrics
The Man Who Never Was Lyrics

From the Album Human Traces (1990)
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The Casualty / Loss Of Independence Lyrics
Bereft Of Senses Lyrics
I Will Fight Lyrics
Insanity Lyrics

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