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Staple Lyrics

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Tolerate my stance today. I've found my truth in my own way.
So play the blaming game today. This intolerance, it cannot stay.
So play the naming game that you've made for me. Tell me who I can and cannot be
Intolerance for me is plain to see, my truth's not the truth you want it to be.
Tell me the lies, I want the sincere lies. Base them all on how I feel.
Tell me the lies - only if they're sincere lies. And I'll believe that they are real.
Excuse me and my faith today...It's arrogance, it's pompous claims.
Excuse me and my choices today. They don't sit well with you, so they cannot stay.
"It's true for you, but not true for me."- So let's just be one big complacent family -
Until my "arrogant" claims to faith anger you and you prove that your philosophy's not true.
We can't both be right, and I want the truth

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