Stella Mwangi - Makelele Remix Lyrics

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Stella Mwangi Lyrics

Makelele Remix Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
We do things without caring who we hurting
With all the fussing, the fighting, the cursing
It's hard to live when is peace that you searching for
Cause there's so many making sure you be lurching
I got a question take your time before you answer it
I need to know so if you can go answer it
Now who we killing for, Who we fighting for
And what's the hate for, And what's the stress for
I find it hard to express myself
As I'm looking at what's happening, Lord help me to help
Through my music and my lyrics is the way I speak
So spread all the love I have to the people I reach
Cause it is tough looking at where I come from
The people I used to walk with are now those I run from
How could this be that we each others enemies
Now we scared of each other how do we find peace

Makelele Makelele...

[Verse 2:]
I never thought that this day would come
That we against each other now we talk with guns
All the drama, all the noise all the damages
How the hell do they expect for us to handle this
The slums are worse, street look like astray
Where we used to play, now is a mass grave
Is all wrong we don't belong in this mess
Lord if you hear us lead us to the next step
This is crazy. man I'm nearly even speechless
Thinking about all the innocent victims
And all the people that have lost their loved ones
By the hand of a man that they used to love once
Tell me how we ever got here
It's like an everlasting nightmare I'm shaky and I'm scared
Now what's next? We all need help
So many things I wanna say but I can't hear myself
Uta ongea mchana usiku uta lala
Uta piga kelele mchana usiku uta lala
Mimi mwenzako nenda mbela wewe wapiga kelele
Sina maneno sina ubaya nawe
Kuwa na undugu kuwa na upole

Makelele Makelele...

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