Stormrider - Lucifer Rising Lyrics

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Stormrider Lyrics

Lucifer Rising Lyrics

Darkest night, howling wind.
We have gathered here tonight.
Lightning strikes, pouring rain.
Invocation of the brightest one.
Incantation, sacrifice.
Watchers standing by our side.
Time has come, it has begun.
Fallen king is rising up.

In his light we now stand.
Father of all unknown sins.
No return, path is chosen.
Father of eternal death.
Standing true to our oaths.
Bringer of the ancient storms.
Showing us, visions clear.
Bringer of the holy light.

"Lucifer rising, heeding the call.
Lucifer rising, son of the Morningstar."

Declaration of the war.
Leading armies of the damned.
Grab your cross, say your prayer.
No god can help you now.
You can't deny, truth he brings.
He will tear your soul apart.
Dying angels, impaled God.
Heaven shall forever burn.

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