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Lick Shots Lyrics

f/ J-Hood, Jadakiss, Sheek

Lick a shot for the predicate felons
And gangster niggas that know that
Doing their time is better than tellin
Don't tell dog, lick a shot for the graveyard shift
And all the hustlers on ninety-five for the graveyard prick
Lick a shot for this weed I need
Just to see clear, to tell the truth I can't breathe a ki
Lick a shot for the stick up kids that twist up wigs
Thats the shit that happens when you pick up bids
Lick a shot for the foreign car, American trucks
Old timers that'll throw a stack of presidents up
Got dice shooter slang, need a pistol to hang
But the P understand cause the ghetto is fucked
Lick a shot for the fiends
That got to go see the minors on the block to get medicined up
Lick a shot for the sake of licking a shot
And everytime I'm far away from home I'll be missing my block
D-Block nigga

(Chorus: Sheek)
Lick shots for the hood
Yeah nigga we good
Lick shots for the poor
We still gotta run from the law
Lick shots for the rich
I-95 moving them bricks
Lick shots for the crew
My niggas'll ride and I ride too

Someone lick a shot for D-Block cause thats what I'm on
Lick a shot for the niggas that ain't survive the storm
Lick a shot for all my niggas on the run
And lick a shot for all my real niggas that got bodies on they gun
Lick a shot for my niggas cause I know they'll do the same
For my niggas that run through the flames and walk through the rain
Lick a shot for all the niggas growing up in the slums
Blowing they spliffs with they razor blades under they tongue
Lick a shot for all my niggas that be banging they hammers
Sticking up stores, taking the tape out the video cameras
Lick a shot at all yall haters whether smaller or bigger
Lick a shot cause Hood ain't never been scared to pull a trigger
Lick a shot for all my niggas that be pumping they crills
When the beef start cooking they be bustin they steel
Lick a shot cause I ain't scared to
And lick a shot cause I'm prepared to
Crack a buckle with the matching hair due


I lick shots for my niggas in jail
23 hours in the hole, on life parole
My jackmack niggas, octopus wildin
Closest food they ever gettin to is city island
I lick shots for cos that hit niggas off for weed and don't care if you bleed
Just mind they business and go the other way
For the right price they could get you the yay
I lick shots for my thug ass niggas that'll put something in you
From they car and hit your face through the diner menu
Your body get numb, you swallow your tongue
Cough up blood, thats the work I do, what
I lick shots for my niggas thats not on tour
And gotta hustle to eat its the motherfuckin way of the streets
Pay attention


Lick shots for the little babies in the projects
Running around unsupervised with sharp objects
Lick shots for papi that give you the yay half price
And niggas that ain't ever been heard but they mad nice
Nobody tell when I squeeze at your men
Lick shots when your diesels at ten, I'ma see you again
Lick shots cause my record is clean
Middle of the street, broad day lettin it scream
If I'm lucky they'll squirt through your back
And after that I'll make sure I lick shots for the purple and yack
Lick shots just to guard your grill
To my nigga T and Green and my uncle and Arthur Kill
Lick shots for the S-L 6
Cherry red with them chrome things on it with the x-l lips
Lick shots for the niggas who got shot and ain't here
They say life goes on but it ain't fair

(Chorus x2)

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