The Sugarcubes - Blue Eyed Pop (2nd Mix) Lyrics

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The Sugarcubes Lyrics

Blue Eyed Pop (2nd Mix) Lyrics

This blue eyed pop
It's just fabulous to go twisting,


Boogieing, in beat with

Beat with

the thousand pound

[Einar and Bjork:]
Snare sound.

After boogieing
We all crave for a hot-dog spashed with noise ( noise ),
Queue and spew then back home to our love nest,
Need I say more.
Oh! This blue eyed pop is just pure ecstasy.

This is too much fun, fun, fun,
Everyone is so close to laughing,
This kind of joy won't last,

Something wonderful is about to happen.
I feel perfectly ready don't know yet what it is,
I will look here inside this disco, this is so hot hot,
We melt together like tigers and we are dancing together.

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