Syleena Johnson Lyrics

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Syleena Johnson Lyrics

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From the Album Chapter 4: Labor Pains (2008)
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Where's The Love Lyrics
Is It Because I'm Black Lyrics
Maury Povich Lyrics

From the Album Chapter 3: The Flesh (2005)
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The Flesh (Interlude) Lyrics
Hypnotic Lyrics
He Makes Me Say Lyrics
Special Occasion Lyrics
More Lyrics
Bulls-Eye (Suddenly) Lyrics
Classic Love Song Lyrics
Phone Sex Lyrics
Slowly Lyrics
Time Lyrics
Still Open Lyrics
Another Relationship Lyrics
Leave Me Alone Lyrics
Apartment For Rent Lyrics
Only A Woman Lyrics
The Flesh (Outro) Lyrics

From the Album Chapter II: The Voice (2002)
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The Voice / Intro Lyrics
Faithful To You Lyrics
Now That I Got You Lyrics
Dear You Lyrics
Guess What Lyrics
I'm Gon' Cry Lyrics
Is That You Lyrics
Tonight I'm Gonna Let Go Lyrics
If You Play Your Cards Right Lyrics
No Words Lyrics
So Willingly Lyrics
Guitars Of The Heart (Happy) Lyrics
I Believe In Love Lyrics
Tonight I'm Gonna Let Go (Remix) Lyrics

From the Album Chapter I: Love, Pain & Forgiveness (2001)
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The Beginning (Intro) Lyrics
I Am Your Woman Lyrics
You Said Lyrics
Baby, I'm So Confused Lyrics
Everybody Wants Something Lyrics
You Got Me Spinnin' Lyrics
Hit On Me Lyrics
He's Gonna Do You In Lyrics
You Ain't Right Lyrics
Ain't No Love Lyrics
One Day Lyrics
I'd Rather Be Wrong Lyrics
All Of Me Lyrics
The End (Outro) Lyrics

From the Album Love Hangover (2000)
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Baby I'm Scared Of You Lyrics
Love Hangover Lyrics
Extacy Lyrics
Can't Get Over You Lyrics
It Don't Matter Lyrics
Keep Holding On Lyrics
So Confused Lyrics
You're Not The Man Lyrics
Please Don't Stop Lyrics
Touch Me Tonight Lyrics

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Hit On Me (Remix) Lyrics
More Then Me Lyrics
My Shoes Lyrics

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