Teddy Pendergrass Lyrics

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Teddy Pendergrass Lyrics

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From the Album A Little More Magic (1993)
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I Believe In Love Lyrics
Tender Lyrics
My Father's Child Lyrics

From the Album Truly Blessed (1991)
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It Should've Been You Lyrics
It's Over Lyrics
Glad To Be Alive Lyrics
I Find Everything In You Lyrics
Spend The Night Lyrics

From the Album Joy (1988)
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Joy Lyrics
Can We Be Lovers Lyrics

From the Album Workin' It Back (1985)
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Want You Back In My Life Lyrics

From the Album Love Language (1984)
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In My Time Lyrics
Stay With Me Lyrics
Hold Me Lyrics (Duet with Whitney Houston)
You're My Choice Tonight (Choose Me) Lyrics
Love Lyrics

From the Album This One's For You (1982)
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Now Tell Me That You Love Me Lyrics

From the Album It's Time For Love (1981)
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I Can't Live Without Your Love Lyrics
You're My Latest, My Greatest Inspiration Lyrics
Nine Times Out Of Ten Lyrics
She's Over Me Lyrics

From the Album TP (1980)
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Can't We Try Lyrics
Feel The Fire Lyrics
Love T.K.O. Lyrics

From the Album Teddy (1979)
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Come Go With Me Lyrics
Turn Off The Lights Lyrics
All I Need Is You Lyrics
Do Me Lyrics

From the Album Life Is A Song Worth Singing (1978)
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Life Is A Song Worth Singing Lyrics
Only You Lyrics
Get Up, Get Down, Get Funky, Get Loose Lyrics
Close The Door Lyrics
It Don't Hurt Now Lyrics
When Somebody Loves You Back Lyrics

From the Album Teddy Pendergrass (1977)
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And If I Had Lyrics
I Don't Love You Anymore Lyrics
The Whole Town's Laughing At Me Lyrics
Easy, Easy, Got To Take It Easy Lyrics

Other Songs:
Believe In Love Lyrics
Latest Greatest Inspiration Lyrics
Make It With You Lyrics
Somewhere I Belong Lyrics (From "D.A.R.Y.L." Soundtrack)

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