Tity Boi - Real As They Come Lyrics

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Tity Boi Lyrics

Real As They Come Lyrics

[Chorus: Dre]
Staring at the mirror looking down into it's eyes,
I can see why niggas hate ya, I can see why they despise,
Don't worry, don't worry,
Don't worry, no worries,
Real as they come,

[Lil Wayne:]
Mind right, money right
Red flag, red hat,
I'm alright fuckin right,
Fuckin right I do it for the money
And if I don't do nothing I'm a ball,
I said if I don't do nothing I'm a fuck you want,
If you fucking with me, who fucking with me,
Fuck with me and where will I be,
Without my heat, yeah out on da street,
And that's apple and eagle bitch,
Haha, and how can I see,
When my E-Y-E's are C-L-O-S-E
R, R, RIP,
Yeah, and it's MOB til I D-I-E flow DOA's since my DOB,
Mr DRE talk to em,


[Tity Boi:]
Woke up this morning, feeling all horny,
Picked up my pistol, fucked my opponent,
The roof on this missing[? ] the feet are enormous,
They on the same shit we switched up the toilets,
I looked in the mirror and I said what's happening?
The mirror said "you are" you conceited bastard!
Well that's true the coupe look like it came with the wheels,
Because it got a paper tax still and the passengers peel away
From being DOA down on her ass freak for the chips,..
And the waiter shorty move fore it gets away,
When the players hit the club nigga leave some way,

Cause we as real as they soldiers in the field cause we fighting for something
We don't know what it is,
I'm trying to get higher than last months bills,
Cause this months here, this ones clear,
This ones brown, this ones beer,
Man we got it looking like a bar in the,..
The flow is contagious and deadly like rabies
Had your girl in the suite swallowing babies,
But that is irrelevant it was all a pre-requisite,
Nigga I'm I'll, nigga I need medicine,
Like a century cause it's this big,
Bought my dishwasher and bought a new crib,


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