Toki Wright - Rise Lyrics

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Toki Wright Lyrics

Rise Lyrics

They keep building, they keep building
They start fallin, we are gonna rise

As the world falls victim to the hands of man
Could it be we're damned or is it all part of a plan to make us understand?
Underneath the heavens we use weapons and aggression
I got caught up in the lessons to the point it's - wait what was the question?
They televise lies organize crime til we are all blind slowly dying just wanna get high
So how you get ahead when you're behind hopin that weather shine
We're in a rat race tryna better your time (I pace, stop tie my lace, dropped out of place)
When I saw all the bars on the open gate
When I looked at all the stars and I don't relate
Then I find it really hard runnin through the date
Been confused by the rules try to prove payin dues gonna win in the end now and then we lose
What's to lose if ya bruised black and blue?
It's ya move do whatcha have to do

And they keep building, they just keep building
When they start fallin, we are gonna rise

Yo what's the rain in the sun when there's wine in the shade
A common concept we've accepted over the previous decades
Paradise lost in exchange for time saved
Time is money yeah they cause the cost of livin escalate
And god is guessin after every discretion it's a game of charades
From the womb to the tomb they still got us enslaved
Workin the beat the hand of time but the clock is man made
Labor hard make a living still getting underpaid
And they spy on us through our clothes gates blinds and shades
Tapped phones laptops our privacy they invade
Pumpin propoganda the government wants you afraid
So they can control you through fear, that's how they make you behave
From the freezer out the box and to the microwave
Tv dinner food for thought that slop will rot your brain
Get ya hooked they overdose ya till ya crave the craze
Yeah it's deep but it all leads to a shallow grave

They keep building, they keep building
They start fallin, we are gonna rise

Huh... as the bricks and cement try to close us in
Put us in the pen where the pen is our only friend
Spent every cent on the rent pullin lint out the inseams dreams are the things that we need
I believe if we ever grieve will my daughter bury me
Finally we could be free self therapy
But we gotta strategize think carefully
And if I gotta bleed then you gotta bleed

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