Tony Vincent - All That I Feel Lyrics

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Tony Vincent Lyrics

All That I Feel Lyrics

As i remember the past
and how it used to be
the friendship we shared at one time
meant so much to me
all the moments we spent on our knees
i thought they were real
why when i see you now
pain is all that i feel

As i look back at events
and our every routine
to see if i took one false step
there'rs nothing i've seen
i want to know if i've done something wrong
or hurt you somehow
i have a longing to speak with you, friend
but you won't speak with me now
how can this go on
how can you be satisfied
why won't you look at me now
why won't you realize

My friend i still love you
i pray that you'll come around
what i have jsut told you today
is all that i feel, and all that i've found

These feelings of quiet i've felt
have now turned to shame
please break down the shell that you're in
and tell me am i to blame
oh, you know that the past is now past
and i've forgiven you friend
all i want is just to see you smile
oh, can't we make ammends
i miss the memories
i miss the times that we had
to you i don't exist
oh, Lord have i gone mad

How can you go on and be this way
this is what i am feeling today
i hope your sensing my pain inside
because these feelings i just can't hide
you know i love you - yes you do
even all that you've put me through
i hope you've hearing these words there so real
'cause they're all that i've found and all that i feel.

From the single... 'Love falling down'.

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