Total Kaos - Bust It Baby Lyrics

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Total Kaos Lyrics

Bust It Baby Lyrics

(feat. Dirty and Blood Shot)

[Chorus: Dirty]
Girl you know I got ol lady but you can be my bust it baby (my bust it baby)
I been thinkin bout you all night lately feen'in for my bust it baby (my bust it baby)
Without you baby I'll go crazy ooh I need my bust it baby (my bust it baby)
And I know that your ol man hate me but your gone be my bust it baby (my bust it baby)

[Verse: Total Kaos]
Watch how shawty bend the corner bolegged actin a fool with it all that ass I'm tryin to
Figure what to do with it she ain't my lady I call her my bust it baby she been feen'in for the dick
Cause a nigga ain't bust her lately come scoop her on the late night she ain't scared to take pipe
She know what a nigga like so gone and put it in my life she loves them goons cause she only fuck with go getters
Head tight run circles round you hoe niggas pussy so good all these niggas are tryin to make her honest but I don't
Blame you shit I'm thinkin bout cuffin lil mama her man hate me cause he know I been takin off
She know I'm real and that nigga she with is straight flaw so if you broke my nigga don't even try it homey I keep
Them stacks on deck that's how I got her on me she got that wet wet one hit will drive you crazy gp good pussy that's my bust it baby


[Verse: Blood Shot]
Yes sir she's a sexy lil mutha fucker blood shot like them girl that don't like to use no covers
She say tell me when you cum so I can snatch the rubber she like it all over her face oh yes she keeps it guda
Pop me another one dick hard I'm draggin them j holiday I'm smashin them bed time relaxes them I don't need no lady tryin to get all passionate
I need a bust it baby screamin when I'm smash it you know I'm thug while I'm bust bumpin pimpin bond break them off something you need something
The cash nothing let's add some color on that chevy and the rims button I don't say shit I'm like here suck em
The bracelet say enough for me don't waste shit you got that purple click you got me scoring feeling higher than a eagle gets


[Verse: Total Kaos]
Yeah she's a pipe feen love for me to lick her like some ice cream keep that pussy clean look mean in some tight jean
I love her apple bottom she look good in baby phat she tell me throw that dick take it then she throw it back
Oh yeah she guda man fuck me like no another can callin me her lover man like mutha fuck her other man she know I got a girl
But she ain't sayin nothing she only calls me when it's time for me to fuck something she got that good pussy ooh that fir head
She love to break bread and do just like a nigga said man fuck them prissy hoes bust it baby she the one man she got her on shit
And keep her hair and nails done 5'9 sexy and fine a bad braud an ol guda bitch just like I like em with na flaw and I'm a keep it real
I been feen for you lately shit me and my bust it baby exchangin these fuck face


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