TV On The Radio - Could You Lyrics

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TV On The Radio Lyrics

Could You Lyrics

Shut down, give up the fight
(Slamming the door, been here before, where do we go?)
Stay drunk all night
(Dan pours a good one, he keeps a seat open at the bar)
Might not work out alright
(Boy letting go, leave it alone, leave it alone)

Look to love someone
Look to love somebody, name you never heard of
Just a hot night on the bridge, the one you're burning

Love walked out
(Where did it go, can't find my phone, all the way down)
Check the lost and found
(You're getting older, keep getting stoned, all the way down)
Feeling underground
(Too many texts yeah, just read the one now)

Could you love somebody?
Could you hold another's care above your bright lights?
Could you open up your heart, are you too uptight?
Could you work to build something besides a wall?
Could you love somebody, anyone at all?

Lover won't be undone
(Sleep in their arms, living the poem, living the poem)
And it won't be too long
(All pills are gone, write a new song, write a new song)
You can feel it, come on
(Breaking the bones, suck marrow down, suck marrow down)
It's a heartbeat, bump-bump
(Biting the bullet, breaking new ground, breaking new ground)

Alright, yeah it's alright
F*ck the wasted world on empty
But it's been done, yeah it's alright
Bump the skipping record forward

Could you love somebody?
Could you strip the ego bare and let love take flight?
Could you open up your heart?


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