Tynisha Keli - Dats Wassup Lyrics

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Tynisha Keli Lyrics

Dats Wassup Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
iRepresent New Bedford, MA.
This rite here will rock all across the {globe}
From 718 to 818 I want one
I'm a get straight stupid watch watch me do dis

Cause I'm in the mood to get so crazy
We can wild out I don't care baby
Do wat u like cause it's all open
This is the jump off rite here baby

So yea baby that's wats up
I'm a keep this muthafucka lit up
Don't u even trip
I'm here and I'm all dressed up
But if your girl wanna talk shit
I'll take off mi shit
And be back up in this bitch like wat
Naw naw we don't even slip
Wat ever hood u with hit the dance floor and throw it up
So go head and take a hit and a sip
Throw it back a skip and throw it back to dis

[Verse 2:]
iRepresent New Bedford, MA.
To tilt mid west to south beach to florida
You kno u keep it movin lookin how we do it like
I'm a get straight stupid watch while I do dis



Can't fuck with dis it's TK shit you can't handle this (noooo)
Up in this bitch it's T"K shit now skip to dis
I'm onli gonna tell u one more time
Before your ass hits the primetime
That's rite there's a matter when I cross the line
Oh his ass hits the floor a time
Dats wats up, Dats wats up, dats wats up, dats wats up

[Chorus: out]

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