Varsity Fanclub - Half of You Lyrics

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Varsity Fanclub Lyrics

Half of You Lyrics

ohh right
i heard a sad song palying on the radio about a girl who loved him but she never really let it show
out side the rain keeps falling down my window im crying inside gotta see u 2night
i understand if somebody broke your heart before, but it wasnt me who left the pices lying on the floor, but its me whos out here in the rain knocking at your door, paying the price for all of his lies
id write you a song but i cant find the words to say to tall you wats on my mind, ut even a symphony cant say what you mean to me. so how can i, how can i give you
all of me when all i get is half of you now tell me what am i supposed to do if all i get is half of you, if all you give is half of you
wanna be the reason that you never look for love again, baby girl, i wanna be lover, your best friend.
how we gonna make it if you never gonna let me in. what can i do to prove that my love is true.i keep on and on for as long its gonna take, until you realize. look in my eyes and i'll never let you be betrayed, im not that guy but how can i give you,
now girl you got me locked up to many times got me payin sobody elses crime, but how can love burn if its not retured, i need more that this so how can i give

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