The Vindictives - Another Bad Day, Pt. 2 Lyrics

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The Vindictives Lyrics

Another Bad Day, Pt. 2 Lyrics

Hey remember this one?
While walking down the avenue one bright and sunny day
I came across a woman who wouldn't get out of my way
I asked her to please step aside so I could get on with my day
she said, "I don't mind being cum across just as long as it's wiped away"

so I went home to watch TV and catch my favorite show
and plopped down on my rocking chair and out came a screaming howl
I ached and moaned and groaned and hoped the pain would quickly pass
either that's just my remote control or someone's' dick's shoved up my ass

then I thought I'd take a drive around and see what I could see
but just a couple minutes later, I had to take a pee
I pulled into an alley and stuck my pecker through the fence
but I didn't even see the watchdog running off with my fucking prick

so they rushed me to the hospital to see if they could fix it
cause instead of chewing it to bits he very gently licked it
they said that I was lucky that the mutt lost all its teeth
so I went home and went to bed and then I had a dream
about that sweet little poochie...
[laughing and clapping]

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