The Vindictives - Structure And Function Lyrics

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The Vindictives Lyrics

Structure And Function Lyrics

Hanging off my arms are the pair of hands
that I have used to crawl across the lines
down the middle of the road thought I had enough,
but I didn't have a dime to drop at this stop thought
I'd take a break but I was running out of time
pay close attention while I read the rules
these are the things that make us move /
muscle just a little, but pain the most
peel the scabs off of your ghost
set me loose with a fine to divide
before the meter expires and I have to play "Pies in the Faces"
this is the translation and I'm losing my patience
as well as my faith in a paid vacation
metaphase, telephase, prophase, anaphase is how to erase
"Bad Tastes" creations stand up, look around, pull together, fall apart,
go on sit down and witness your decay
shut up, sit down, pay attention, walk don't run
keep out dead end, pay attention don't look into the sun
this is fast and this is slow
watch how I can stop and go
learn everything that you should know
aim down the middle and hog the road.

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