The Vindictives - The Invisible Man Lyrics

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The Vindictives Lyrics

The Invisible Man Lyrics

Posing like a statue sitting in my office chair
typing letters for computer eyes to sorta read drifting like an odor
now I'm blending in with the air
I'm becoming more and more of what I've got to be.
I'm invisible
I'm floating floating past the homes of the Ozzie and Harriets.
Past the plans of moving in next door,
Cause I'm prepared, I've got it all figured out.
Made me out of frosted flakes and television shows.
Made me out of frozen shrimp in office party bowls.
I metamorphisized cause I have nothing else to do.
I'll walk into the crowd to avoid becoming you.

I'm invisible
I'm fading fading into sacrifice that doesn't stand for anything.
Do not disturb this state of unconsciousness.
I'm safe in here, becoming part of everyone!

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