VIP (Victory In Praise) Lyrics

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VIP (Victory In Praise) Lyrics

From the Album Live At The Fellowship (2005)
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Bread Of Heaven Lyrics
In This House Lyrics
Great Is Our God Lyrics
Let Us Praise Him Lyrics
I Call Him Holy Lyrics

From the Album The Power Of Worship (2003)
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So Glad I'm Here Lyrics
I Believe I'll Praise Lyrics
We Need A Blessing Lyrics
Faithful Lyrics
Blessing Medley Lyrics
Praise Ya Praise Ya Lyrics
The Blood Lyrics
My Heart Lyrics
I Am Blessed Lyrics

From the Album Mighty In The Spirit (2001)
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Mighty In The Spirit Lyrics
You're Worthy Lyrics
Even Me (Showers Of Blessings) Lyrics
Let The Words Of My Mouth Lyrics
Oh Lord My Strength Lyrics
It's My Time Lyrics
Oh Magnify Him Lyrics
The Righteous Shall Obey Lyrics
We Worship You Lyrics
This Is Our House Lyrics

From the Album Any Day (1998)
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Any Day Lyrics
Thy Loving Kindness Lyrics
When The Gates Lyrics
Fight Every Battle Lyrics
Carry On Lyrics
When Will We Sing The Same Song? Lyrics
I'm Healed Lyrics

From the Album Stand! (1996)
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Jesus He's My King Lyrics
The Presence Of The Lord Lyrics
Stand! Lyrics
Because Of Calvary Lyrics
Worship Thee Lyrics

From the Album Lily In The Valley (1993)
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Saved Lyrics
Lily In The Valley Lyrics
Cast Your Cares Lyrics
Let Us Not Be Weary Lyrics
He's My Rock Lyrics

From the Album Never Shall Forget (1991)
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Never Shall Forget Lyrics
Call Him Up Lyrics

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