The Wish You Weres - Love Of The Living Dead Lyrics

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The Wish You Weres Lyrics

Love Of The Living Dead Lyrics

[Chorus x2:]
She loves me, she loves me not
it makes no difference, there's a part for her
in my world, in mmmyyyy world

hearts cast shadows on the mind
clouding judgment that rewinds
me to a time when i still believed in people

I'm just a zombie in my veins there is no feeling
I step back and watch unamused
while somebody else is living my life

It's not what it seems
i think I'm just stuck in someones
sick and twisted dreams

[Chorus x2]

Just when i thought i had fallen from grace
the human race is a disgrace
felt love so strong that i could taste
and i walk amongst the living

I am not a monster, wasn't this way by design
guess I've been fucked over just
one too many times

there's nothing left
to cause me harm
so put my broken soul to rest and bury me
bury me in your arms

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