10-4 Eleanor - Oh... Drag Lyrics

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10-4 Eleanor Lyrics

Oh... Drag Lyrics

We've walked too far to fall to our knees.
If there's an answer, it's lost on me.
Is freedom so abstract that it can't be found without keeping someone down?

They're our sisters in shackles; our brothers in chains.
Our friends are forced to live their lives with no identity.
So we sing (we sing) for all our friends and those we've yet to know.
Take a stand for those stood upon.
Don't keep quiet; keep on going.

It's never what they say, or what they tell you to be.
Who you are is all that counts.
Don't let it hold you back; don't let the walls deter you.
If you've got a feeling let it out.

Keep it together, man, don't admit defeat.
As long as we've got blood to bleed, we'll take this culture.
Right by the neck.
We'll push until we get respect.

Rejoice, my friends, we're living free; but only if we want to be.
And all that stands in our way are the blind and deaf trading love for hate

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