Our Time Down Here - 4 Months Lyrics

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Our Time Down Here Lyrics

4 Months Lyrics

You know they only want you because they can't have you,
The immediate majority are heartless.
The things that they say only pull you down,
You're better off apart from it.
I quit this game a long time ago in my plight,
Though I still hear voices at night.
It's been so long that the walls talk me through personal flaws.
In the dead of the night you're still calling,
But the sight of that bedroom still haunts me.
I paced around this floor till my feet went black.
I made my mind up, I kept my promise and I walked you back.
You know they only take you when they can't take more.
Too awkward to face the walk home.
When you wonder around aimless in department stores,
It's sad that this refuge isn't something more substantial.
I've been away far too long to let these black blues dissipate.
Girl I'm so tired but I can't sleep to save my life,
I know it's late but do you think you could come by?

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