Up For Nothing - All We Need Lyrics

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Up For Nothing Lyrics

All We Need Lyrics

It's been a hard time leaving what I've become
Just find your place and all is won
Another line from book of what we need to be

I've been trapped inside the veins of what I'm ready to find
Knee deep in vines I cut through barely alive
And now I'm forced to believe that these days are gone forever

And I can't seem to remember what caused the change
Now I find it hard to keep it all packed away
I can define my own forever and start a war inside today
That I'm losing to the wrath of my memory

Desires been the one holding on to last of me
Ready down goes the sounds of last to leave
Hold on the image strong, hold tight hold on forever

I found the new days leading the old this time
A sight for all the sorest eyes, a new light in the dark is all we need

Remember your world is always in your hands
Have you ever thought life would last you
Forever means nothing in the end if you want it to

Your mind is always the only thing you need
This is your only shot now so make it count
Because we all fall inside, I'm breaking outside
I've got a lifetime to forget what I've been told

What I've been told is wishing for me to make the worst mistakes
I've been sleepless, speechless, mislead, force-fed, into a life I dread

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