Usurper - Golem Lyrics

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Usurper Lyrics

Golem Lyrics

Mystic prayers and ancient spells
Transcending beyond the seven spheres
Upon wings of Merkava
Overshadowing of God's throne
Divine automation
Effigies awake to exist
I summon thee as thy protector
I command thou as my slave
From dust of clay the giant's spawned
Supernatural in its form
Robotic strength of many men
Destruction in the name of god
Morphed into a tyrant intoxicated with arrogance
Burning with carnal desires
Ravaging the daughters of man
Ritual murder
Calamity and power lust
Soulless conqueror
The saved are now enslaved!
Blood accusations! Call forth thy mystic man
"Unmake" the tyrant Golem
Return his body into dust
Havoc and devastation
Ravaged lands of scattered prey
Fatal spells of giganticide
The Golem unexists again

[Solo: RS]

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