Usurper - Necronemesis Lyrics

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Usurper Lyrics

Necronemesis Lyrics

Moaning, from a vacant grave
Mourning, sadness turns to fear
Awakened, awakened into the night
Cursed, as your family dies

Consumption, wasting away, cursed blood, dying eyes
Exhumation, trilogical death from a vampiric touch
Their organs are burning
Their ashes are churning

[Vocals on the next 6 lines: "Voice Of The Phantom Of The Graveyard" by KING DIAMOND]

Awake from the grave, my soul shall arise!
You feel my touch yet my bodie still lies
The blood of the dead, is the elixir of life
Blood of the living, shall keep me alive!
The night wind echoes your name...

Nocturnal prowl, immortal isolation
Necro-blut, blood thirst compulsion
Fear of the dark
Phantom of the graveyard
Ghouls become thy saviour
Mercy be thy name!

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