Usurper - She-Devil Lyrics

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Usurper Lyrics

She-Devil Lyrics

Queen of Damnation, riddled with disgust
Whore of Leviathan, I beg for your lust
Mystic woman conjured by sorcery
Ancient spells cause my sword to gleam
Upon scaled wings she deceives me with her hex
Reciting lines of ancient Sumerian text
Tortured souls who've walked this path before
Warning me for what I am in store

Bride of Satan
Mistress of the flame
Whore of Satan
Contaminator of man
She-Devil She-Devil
She-Devil She-Devil

[Solo: Carcass Chris]
[Solo: RS]

My mortal soul she does defeat
Crawling and begging I slither to lick her cloven feet
She'll mesmerize and lead men to their doom
She'll take your soul
And enslave it in her womb
With her mouth she removes your seed
Mother of death
Blackened souls she yearns to breed


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