Usurper - Skeletal Season Lyrics

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Usurper Lyrics

Skeletal Season Lyrics

Nightfall upon the soil of dead
Withered scarecrow marks the summer's end
Final harvest stripped of the earth
Through dying unveils rebirth

Drinking from the skull of a prophet...
The blood of kings
Skeletal season upon us
Autumn winds sing

Faint cries of the undead lost
Ghouls wander through the Samhain frost
Ghosts rise from a funeral pyre
Feel the warmth of the pagan fire

Withered tombs eroded by time
Ashes of the past
Smell of Autumn, the scent of death...
Together we die

I feel the autumn winds
The dead are out tonight
The cold air cuts through my skin
The unforgotten consumes my mind

Masked children dance on their graves
Acid hits, and razor blades
Burning bodies, burning hair
Spectres sift through the midnight air

Raise the goat's horn full of ale!
Encircle the fire!
The smell of Autumn, the scent of death...
Together undead


[Solo: Scythe]


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