Xscape Lyrics

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Xscape Lyrics

From the Album Traces of My Lipstick (1998)
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All About Me Lyrics
My Little Secret Lyrics
Softest Place On Earth Lyrics
Do You Know? Lyrics
One Of Those Love Songs Lyrics
The Arms Of The One Who Loves You Lyrics
I Will Lyrics
Your Eyes Lyrics
All I Need Lyrics
Am I Dreamin' Lyrics
The Runaround Lyrics
Hold On Lyrics
Best Of My Love Lyrics

From the Album Off The Hook (1995)
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Do Your Thang Lyrics
Feels So Good Lyrics
Hard To Say Goodbye Lyrics
Can't Hang Lyrics
Who Can I Run To? Lyrics
Do You Want To? Lyrics
What Can I Do? Lyrics
Do Like Lovers Do Lyrics
Work Me Slow Lyrics
Love's A Funny Thing Lyrics
Keep It On The Real Lyrics

From the Album Hummin' Comin' At Cha (1993)
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Just Kickin' It Lyrics
Pumpin' Lyrics
Let Me Know Lyrics
Understanding Lyrics
With You Lyrics
Is My Living In Vain? Lyrics
Love On My Mind Lyrics
Tonight Lyrics

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