YG - IDGAF Lyrics

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YG Lyrics

IDGAF Lyrics

[Hook: YG]
Nigga I don't give a f*ck
Ride with my niggas
Like f*ck it, die with my niggas
You a nigga with bitch ways
You remind me of a bitch named Tiffany
Nigga you a bitch tell em needle snitch you a snitch
All hammers getting tough
And all bad bitches getting f*cked

[Verse 1: YG]
Ice on my neck, fly first class on the jet
Bitch whassup with that net
Young nigga tryna f*ck
No ifs, ands, no buts your b want nuts
Don't cough nigga pass the bitch
All my homies thirty they harrass the bitches
Ugh, f*ck you show popper
Lowkey mad cause me Ex was about them
(Nigga I don't give a f*ck)
Cash out on the bitch
I whip fast out on a snitch
Watch me do my dougie
Naw nigga watch me get rich
Pull up in that Porsche they pissed
My old bitch got money like Oprah
All my homie sip lean and do coca
Pistols get popped like soda
Hate a bitch, who pussy got odor, ugh


[Verse 2: Will Claye]
Ill Will chillin
Ask me what I'm doing shit I'm trying to make a million
Put the fam on sit back and make a killin
Ridin round dolo in a Range on a mission
Flight to Puerto Rico, Spanish chicas
No habla espanol please repeat that
Kicks I got they yes'in (whooo)
Can't get em they stressin (whoop)
Never thought I was rappin material
But the fact that I'm killin human I'm cold and I'm tellin you
Could've switched occupations
Jumped on the track just for vacations
Can't do me dog, just face it
Just face it
And these metals around my neck make a broke nigga go crazy


[Bridge x4: YG]
I just wanna f*ck
Lil bitch so what?
Cause I don't give a f*ck


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