Zero Cipher - Death Of A Porn Star Lyrics

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Zero Cipher Lyrics

Death Of A Porn Star Lyrics

I'll drink your health, and tell myself
That there's no coming back from this
To cross your palm with silver
And ride the bullet train with the devils kiss

I picked a ticket to no-where baby
On a one-way ride, ain't no way that I'm coming back
Coming back...

Eyes forward
It's boring
Fast forward
And see it in her ass
Ignore it
So sordid
And watch you fade to black

I've been to hell and back just for a second chance
Gasping for breath, you watch me at work
Need electricity to fuel rebirth

I came to face the music
I came to pay you back
I came to watch you suffering
On the TV screen, like a heart attack

I had a dream of demon seed where I had the chance to laugh
And drop the bomb, with open arms, on your shitty town
Let's watch it tumbledown

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