Audiopain - Believer Lyrics

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Audiopain Lyrics

Believer Lyrics

Crystallize your soul divine
Demonize and redefine
Isolation, the world is of sin
Restoration, the terror begins

Maddened ways
Religious craze

Cauterize to break your seals
Pulverize your weak ideals
Degradation to make you comply
No salvation, be ready to die

Go about, spread the word
To become part of the herd
Missionary, a cross intrusion
From me you'll get no absolution

A fantasy lord you obey
The scriptures are making you fey

Obsolete your weakling faith
Religious man, a living wraith
Hide behind your god on high
He himself, the master lie

[Repeat chorus]

Fuck your god, your faulty ways
Never live your numbered days
Self-denial, your guiding light
Lunacy, religious plight

[Repeat chorus]

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